Blair Ergo Pipe Bag

New In Stock Blair Ergo Pipe Bag

The ‘Ergo’ Pipe Bag is moulded from high-performance memory foam with a profile shaped to position around the rib cage, rather than into like traditional bags (see video below). The chanter is attached using a spigot (supplied with the bag) and easy to remove within seconds. The Ergo bag offers incredible comfort for playing and finished with a plush velvet cover so audio cables and wireless gear can be out of sight.

The Ergo delivers the Blair Digital ‘Bagpipe’ as a full performance instrument.

• Ergonomically profiled
• High performance moulded memory foam
• Maximum comfort
• Embedded BDC chanter stock
• Includes plush velvet bag cover with Velco & Zip access
• Includes the BDC anodized connection spigot

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