Henderson Harmonic Deluxe Drone Reeds

New Henderson Harmonic Deluxe Drone Reeds

Carbon Fibre Tongue with Tuning Screw

Carbon fibre tongues will allow you to concentrate on the performance, rather than the possibility of moisture problems.

Carbon fibre is a terrific material to use for the tongue as it: 
-will operate when extremely wet.
-will last a lifetime.
-can be set far more accurately.
-sounds so sweet.

We tested these reeds thoroughly during the design stages, including long hours of playing. Reeds continue to perform well after being dipped in a basin of cold water, excess water poured off, and reeds put right back in to play.

How many times have you been let down at a competition, recital, parade or just a practice session with reeds under-performing due to excess moisture. 

Top soloists use a Henderson Harmonic Deluxe Bass drone reed for depth and quality of sound and steadiness. 

Pipe bands enjoy the same benefits as soloists along with the reliability of the “pipe band” start.

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