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Yamaha Monoposto Deluxe Bass Carrier

Yamaha Monoposto Deluxe Bass Carrier
Yamaha Monoposto Deluxe Bass Carrier
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  • Model: SKU-810
  • Weight: 0.13kg
  • Dimensions: 10.00cm x 6.00cm x 4.00cm
  • SKU: SKU-810
Yamaha’s Tubular Vest Bass Drum Carriers with Polycarbonate Belly Plates feature the MonoPosto design, which have an ergonomic and lightweight feel, while still being the most durable in the industry. The articulating back support (ABS) promotes spinal alignment and disperses the weight of the drum more evenly reducing player fatigue. The articulating design provides a customized fit so the player has complete control of the drum during complex body movement. The unique design allows free movement of the shoulder blades and scapula. This Carrier is designed for Marching Bass Drums and features magnesium shoulder pieces and an adjustable back bar, infinite adjustments on the aluminum tubes and Polycarbonate belly plate. Tube Carriers feature a new ergonomic lightweight design and feature a patented design producing optimal comfort and adjustability. They are designed to fit the smallest or largest player Aluminum tubes allowing for infinite torso height adjustments and tow-in adjustment (angle front-to-back of tubes near the shoulders) as well as Shoulder Rotation allow adjustments to be made to the camber (left and right) and caster (back to front) so that no matter what size your bass drummer is, they can be sure they will all be comfortable.

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