McCallum MK II Blackwood Pipe Chanter

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The chanter is bright, crisp, and is easily reeded with a wide variety of reeds. The reed seat is threaded to allow precise adjustment of the reed.- McCallum Bagpipe chanters win championships:* Bagad Cap Caval Overall winners of the 2008 Breton Bagad Championships and the 2008 World Pipe Band Championships in Grade 2 * Strathclyde Police Pipe Band Winners of the Scottish, British, European and Cowal Highland Gathering major championship titles in Grade 1- Other Grade 1 pipe bands playing McCallum Bagpipes pipe chanters:* Alberta Caledonia Pipe Band * Australia Highlanders Pipe Band * The Band Club Pipe Band * Ballycoan Pipe Band * Dowco Triumph Street Pipe Band * Los Angeles Scottish Pipe Band * New Zealand Police Pipe Band * Peel Regional Police Pipe Band * Queensland Highlanders Pipe Band * The Scottish Lion 78th Fraser Highlanders Pipe Band * Western Australia Police Pipe Band * 78th Highlanders - Halifax Citadel Pipe Band

Please Note :  As of Jan 2, 2017, African Blackwood has been added to the CITES Appendix II list of endangered species and will now require CITES permits for export.  Shipping outside of Canada will require a re-export permit which will take 2 - 4  weeks to process.   If you have any questions, please contact us. 

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