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College of Piping Volume 2 Maintenance Book & DVD

College of Piping Volume 2 Maintenance Book & DVD
College of Piping Volume 2 Maintenance Book & DVD
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College of Piping Volume 2 Book with DVD (Bagpipe Maintenance)Invaluable information at an affordable price! Volume 2 of the popular College of Piping instructional series focuses on understanding and maintaining your bagpipes. The 75-page reference book contains information on pipe chanters, drone and chanter reeds, tuning, making adjustments, and general maintenance of the bagpipe. It offers playing advice for novices, and also includes helpful hints for good posture and marching. The nearly hour-long DVD is a corresponding instructional presentation by Robert Wallace, College of Piping principal, which offers easy-to-follow demonstrations of techniques.   Contents of the College of Piping Volume 2 Book:   Chapter 1: The Bagpipe Chapter 2: The Pipe Bag and Blowpipe Chapter 3: The Drones Chapter 4: The Pipe Chanter Chapter 5: Choosing a BagpipeChapter 6: Learning to Blow Chapter 7: Maintaining Bags and Valves Chapter 8: Dealing with Drone Reeds Chapter 9: Chanters and Reeds Chapter10: Looking the Part   Review: This is the book for pipers who are about to buy bagpipes or who just purchased pipes! The book offers a great foundation for understanding the parts of a bagpipe and how to care for them.  It has very nice information on tying in a hide bag and working with cane and synthetic drone reeds, things pipers should know.  The video demonstrates the many skills addressed in the book in a presentation that is clear, straigtforward, thorough and very, very helpful. This is the kind of information all novice pipers need and most struggle to find.  The intimidation many pipers feel at the prospect of tying in a pipe bag, manipulating a pipe chanter reed, blowing the pipes, and tuning the drones will be eased after viewing the DVD. 

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