Irish Kilt - 8 Yard Medium Weight (13 oz)

Irish Kilt - 8 Yard Medium Weight (13 oz)

A great choice for bands, regular wear, and occasional wear, this kilt incorporates 8 yards of cloth, allowing for classic pleats and a good overall weight. Mediumweight 13 oz tartan cloth is suited to kiltmaking, offering superior shape, durability, and texture over lighter fabric. Select from Irish county tartans woven by the House of Edgar mills. The tartan cloth is woven in Scotland, and the kilts are custom made in Glasgow, Scotland.

Because kilts are made to measure, they generally take 5 - 7 weeks for delivery.Features of the 8 Yard Medium weight Kilt:8 Yard Kilt (8 yards of fabric up to 46" seat, more for 48"-54") 13 oz Tartan cloth woven at House of Edgar Mills in Scotland

Pleated to sett or stripe

Double fringe on apron

Machine-stitched interior canvas and lining

Hand-stitched pleats

3 total straps

1-1/2" wide black leather straps with 1-1/2 inch adjustability

2 belt loops

2 hanging loops

Custom made in Scotland

How to Measure - 

Waist Measurement - Have someone else measure around your waist at a point 1" above your navel. The tape should be tight for this measurement because this fit will need to support the weight of the kilt. (Remember that kilts are worn higher than pants. Taking this measurement is extremely important.)

Seat Measurement - Have someone else measure around the widest part of your hips/seat. The tape should be a little loose for this measurement because this fit will need to accommodate bending and sitting.

Overall Kilt Length - Have someone else measure from 1" above your navel to the desired kilt length. Most people want the kilt to fall mid-knee. The distance can be measured in a standing position, or it can be taken from the top of the navel to 1" above the floor in a kneeling position.Please select tartan and measurements below -

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