Bannatyne Hide Synthetic Pipe Bag - Willie McCallum Custom

In Stock Bannatyne Hide Synthetic Pipe Bag - Willie McCallum Custom

The latest size in the Bannatyne line-up, designed by top solo piper Willie McCallum. On this version of the popular Bannatyne hyrid bag, the zipper access is on the bottom.

The zipper length is the same as that on the standard Bannatyne hybrid, but some pipers find the bottom zip a more comfortable option.

Hybrid bags combine the weight, feel, and balance of a hide bag, with the ease of maintenance of a synthetic pipe bag The hybrid has a cowhide exterior that is bonded to an interior membrane.

The membrane permits moisture to pass through, while the bag remains airtight. Many find that clean strike-ins and cut-offs are easier to achieve with a hybrid bag. It also comes with a Bottle Water Trap.

Installation is simple, although it takes some strength to push the stocks through the tapered collars. The chanter stock is installed with an O-ring and clamp, or tied in if desired.

The Willie McCallum Bannatyne bag is roughly the same size as the medium bag, in terms of depth and length. It differs in shape and drone position: The front of the bag is cut away more, and the drones are moved up about 2".

Pipe Bag Sizes:Small – Depth 228mm x Length 610mm AG Extended Small – Depth 241mm x Length 675mm Medium – Depth 267mm x Length 675mm Large – Depth 292mm x Length 735mm Willie McCallum Custom – Depth 255mm x Length 700mm

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