Gannaway Pipe Bag with Zipper and Grommets

Gannaway Pipe Bag with Zipper and Grommets


The famous Gannaway genuine leather Pipe Bag, with angled zipper and rubber collars, played by many of the best Grade 1 Bands and Professional Solo Pipers worldwide.Rubber collars for easy installation, and zipper enabling internal access for maintenance, easy dressing, and the use of moisture control systems, water traps, etc.

Available in Small (26" x 9 3/4"), Extended Small (28" x 9 3/4"), Medium (26" x 10 1/2"), Extended Medium (28" x 10 1/2"), and Large (27 1/2" x 11 1/2") sizes.Includes full instructions, clamps, zip-lube, and Gannaway Leather Primer.

All Gannaway (Cowhide) Pipe Bags carry a two-year Warranty, covering Leather and Manufacturing Defects

**Excludes normal wear and tear or damage caused by inappropriate use, care, maintenance, or failure to follow Manufacturer's instructions. Use of products/seasonings not recommended by Manufacturer may void warranty.

Do not use Airtight Seasoning in Zip-bags. Do not immerse bag in water.

From the Gannaway web site - Since 2007, we've kept track of every bag that we've manufactured by stamping sequential numbers on the outside rear of the pipe bag. We understand that people lose track of sales receipts so, in the unlikely event of a warranty claim, we can refer to our manufacturing log to determine when a bag was made, which batch of leather was used, etc.How long should my bag last? How long a pipe bag lasts does vary between pipers, depending on how often they play, their environment, etc. Leather is a natural product so it should be expected that skin fibres will eventually break down, making bags more susceptible to leaks, stretching, etc.<Anecdotal evidence suggests that bags are often past their best after 1 to 2 years for sheepskin, and roughly 4 years for cow hide. Gannaway bags are made from New Zealand cow hide and are known to last for many years with proper care and maintenance, however there will come a point in time that the bag is past it's best, potentially compromising airtightness, tone, and even hygiene. Features of the Gannaway Hide Bag with Zipper & Collars:Cowhide leather Tanned with special formula that promotes moisture control Comfortable shape with swan neck Double-glued seams Angled airtight T-zip zipper Rubber collars for easiest installation Includes leather primer, zipper lubricant and instructions

Note: Be careful not to overtighten the clamps, especially on wood stocks.

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