McCallum AB3 Deluxe Bagpipes

5 -7 Weeks McCallum AB3 Deluxe Bagpipes

The AB3 Deluxe is made from African blackwood, imitation ivory projecting mounts with plain alloy plates, recessed into the top surface of the projecting mounts, imitation ivory ferrules, imitation ivory ring caps, plain alloy slides, imitation ivory bushes, plain alloy & imitation ivory mouthpiece. 

McCallum is now threading all ferrules, ringcaps and mounts at no extra cost. All metal parts are now made from McCallum's special alloy. The new alloy does not tarnish and looks more like silver, giving your pipes a top quality finish for a lot less than the cost of silver. 

Also, McCallum's new imitation ivory is made from a harder material that won't chip and looks more like real ivory!

All African blackwood McCallum Bagpipes are guaranteed for a period of 10 years from the date of purchase.

Base price is for sticks and stocks. You can customize your setup above with additional options. Choices will raise or reduce the total price of the pipes and will be shown once you add them to your shopping cart. 

Every set of pipes is professionally set up and shipped ready to play.

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  • Product Code: McCallum AB3 Deluxe
  • Availability: 5 -7 Weeks
  • $1,399.00CAD

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