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McCallum Bagpipes

McCallum Blowpipe Extender
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Is your blow pipe too short ? Try the easy way to lengthen it. With two segments of combing and a centre bead these plastic extenders provide the means to find the perfect length for you blowpipe. With Standard McCallum Thread these extenders will fit almost any blowpipe.  Each one adds 1"(2.54..
McCallum Bruce Gandy Solo Chanter
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The "Bruce Gandy" model McCallum solo pipe chanter has been consistently winning prizes throughout 2016 and 2017, including several prizes and the overall Champion Piper from the London Scottish event November, 2017. Bruce Gandy won the Marches, the HP/Jig, and two excellent prizes in the piobaireac..
Introducing the all new McCallum Ceol pipe chanter!!It has a completely new internal size, new throat, new reed seat and hole pattern. It’s round holed and very easy and comfortable to play. It is designed to work well with a wide variety of reeds...
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