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Fred Morrison

Brand: Fred Morrison
IN STOCKFred Morrison’s dazzling performances on the Highland pipes, Border pipes, uilleann pipes and low whistle have established him as one of Scotland’s most unique and powerful artists.Often referred to as ‘The King of the Pipes’, he is an extremely versatile musician with a career which has in..
Brand: Fred Morrison
Fred Morrison – The Outlands Collection This collection has been requested since the album was released. Containing every tune as played on the Outlands album and a few “Highland Bagpipe” arrangements as well. Launched at Piping Live 2013! Tune List Dannsa Rathaidh : Strathsp..
Brand: Fred Morrison
Fred Morrison – Outlands Tune List Dannsa Rathaidh : Strathspey Dannsa Rathaidh : Reel Train Journey North : Hornpipe Gabriella’s Jig : Jig The Little River : Reel The Wildcat : Reel The Wildcat : Reel (Bagpipe Version) Leaving Uist : Waltz The Lochaber B..
Brand: Fred Morrison
Please Note :  As of Jan 2, 2017, African Blackwood has been added to the CITES Appendix II list of endangered species and now requires us to get a CITES re-export permit before shipping outside of Canada. It is a simple process and the permit is back to us within 2 - 4 weeks. No extra cost to ..
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