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Aquarian Articulator 26" Bass Head
-55 %
Brand: Aquarian
26" Aquarian Articulator Bass Drum Head - Articulator heads are made with the trademark Power-Play film and Floating Muffling System, a ring of thin muffling material secured to the underside of the drum head and free from contact with the edge. Articulators are designed for a big sound with a stron..
$40.00CAD $89.00CAD
Aquarian Articulator 28" Bass Drum Head
Top Seller -60 %
Brand: Aquarian
Articulator™: A powerful, punchy and direct sounding bass drumhead featuring Aquarian’s patented “Floating Muffling System”. The sound of this drumhead really projects because the felt muffling “floats” and does not touch the bearing edge. The drumhead collar is free to vibrate in unison with the d..
$40.00CAD $99.00CAD
Aquarian Articulator Tenor Head - White or  Black
Top Seller -67 %
Brand: Aquarian
Here is what is left in stock as of October 27/233 - 14" Black1 - 20 inch WhiteAquarian Articulator Tenor Drum Head - White Articulator heads are made with the trademark Power-Play film and Floating Muffling System, a ring of thin muffling material secured to the underside o..
$20.00CAD $60.00CAD
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