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Dunbar Classic

Are you looking for a bagpipe that looks like a Glen, but sounds like a Henderson?? This bagpipe is ..


Dunbar DB1 African Blackwood Bagpipes

African Blackwood bagpipes. Chalice style tops give this pipe a classic look and come with Blackwood..


Dunbar DB2 African Blackwood Bagpipes

DB2 Blackwood Bagpipe - I/2 Metal - 1/2 ImitationFeatures include:- fully beaded and combed.- projec..


Dunbar DB3 African Blackwood Bagpipes

DB3 Blackwood Bagpipe - Full ImitationThe standard setup (without choosing any options below) w..


Dunbar DB4 African Blackwood Bagpipes

African blackwood fully mounted in either threaded stainless steel, aluminum alloy or brass. The met..


Dunbar Elite II Pipe Chanter

Dunbar Elite II Poly Pipe Chanter. Pitched between 478Hz and 482 Hz...


Dunbar Elite Pipe Chanter

Dunbar Elite Poly Pipe chanter. Pitched between 472Hz to 476Hz...


Dunbar P1 Poly Bagpipes

P1 Poly Bagpipe - Antique / Button MountFeatures include:   - Chalice style drone tops&nbs..


Dunbar P2 Poly Bagpipes

P2 Poly Bagpipe - 1/2 Metal - 1/2 ImitationStandard setup (without choosing any upgrade options belo..


Dunbar P3 Poly Bagpipes

P3 Poly Bagpipe - Full ImitationFeatures include:- fully beaded and combed- threaded imitation ivory..


Dunbar P4 Poly Bagpipes

Delrin bagpipes fully mounted in either threaded stainless steel or aluminum alloy. The metal mounti..