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Moose Bagpipe Products

Moose Camlock
Top Seller
The Moose Camlock Blank Chanter Stock is designed to fit almost every chanter size. It fits easily over the chanter reed and simply turns to tighten over the hemp. The Moose Camlock allows the chanter to be stored safely in a tube without any unsightly protruding screws that can also damage th..
Moose Replacement Valve
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Replacement Valve for Moose Valve THIS IS JUST THE FOR THE REPLACEMENT VALVE..
Moose Valve
Top Seller
The Moose Valve is a new and very innovative Blowpipe Stock Valve. The Moose Valve comes with a 2 Year Guarantee. It is very easy to fit and remove using a tool provided and fits securely in position. Can be used in any type of bag set up and is fully adjustable from 3/4" - 7/8". Fits internal..
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