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RG Hardie

Brand: RG Hardie
The AdjustiStick is a precision made blowpipe that extends from 8 inches to 12 inches allowing the player to extend the blowpipe to the preferred length for a more comfortable playing position. It has a number of component parts with which you should become familiar: Integral valve assembly:- uns..
RG Hardie Deluxe Practice Chanter Case
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Brand: RG Hardie
The R.G. Hardie practice chanter bag provides excellent protection for storing a standard or long sized practice chanter along with an A4 book. A build up of moisture in the hemp joint of a practice chanter can cause blackwood tops to fracture. The case requires the chanter to be broken down for sto..
RG Hardie Infinity Pipe Chanter - Poly RG Hardie Infinity Pipe Chanter - Poly
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Brand: RG Hardie
Designed by double gold medalists and world champion pipers, Callum Beaumont and Alastair Dunn.This chanter features smaller finger holes in comparison to our multi-prize winning Peter Henderson Blackwood Pipe Chanter and plays at a slightly higher pitch. It has been extensively tested in a syntheti..
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