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Sticks and Pads

Sticks and Pads
Andante 500 Series Bass Mallets
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These beaters have been developed by Andante to complement their pipe band bass drums, and like the vast majority of the Andante line, they are made in Northern Ireland. In general, Andante beaters are slimmer than other brands, with a subtle taper. Available in black, red, blue, green and white. Pl..
The sale price is for in-stock mallets only.  We have 5 pairs left, get them before they're gone!! Premium Bass drum mallets by Beat Street. Available in two sizes. Please make choices above -..
Kilpatrick KP2 Sticks
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This pair of drum sticks is specifically designed the Pipe Band Drumming. They are manufactured to exact specifications and matched in both sound and weight. They are crafted and specifically designed to make your playing enjoyable!..
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