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Brand: Gaelic Themes
The perfect way to carry your entire Highland outfit.Large hanger compartment for your kilt jacket, shirt (and spare trousers if you want).Internal straps to keep these firmly in place.Kilt roll to keep your kilt in the best pressed condition on arrival.Large separate pockets to keep your hose, so t..
Kilt roll-up bag by Gaelic Themes. No more wrinkled pleats with this great product!..
Heavy Duty Cordura nylon carry bag for Ghillie brogues...
Clan Crest Plaid Brooch available in a choice of over 250 clan crestsCast from high quality 100% lead-free pewter Approximately 3" in diameter - ideal for use with a fly plaidAvailable in a choice of colours: Amethyst, Black, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz...
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