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Argyll 5 Button Waistcoat(Vest)

A traditional formal highland outfit is not complete without a proper waistcoat. This five button wa..


Deluxe Black Wool Argyll Jacket

Deluxel Argyll Kilt Jacket. Made in Scotland of 100% 15oz Pure Barathea Wool. Made with precision to..


Deluxe Prince Charlie Jacket and Vest

Stand out at a wedding or black tie affair with a Prince Charlie Jacket and vest. Made in Scotland w..


Large Jacket Button

Polished pewter buttons for Argyle and Prince Charlie Jackets.Buttons sold individuallyEach button m..


Lochinver Tweed Argyll Kilt Jacket

Our Lochinver Tweed Argyll Kilt Jacket is a more contemporary style of jacket. Made as from high qua..


Small Jacket Button

Small button for Argyll or Prince Charlie jackets - Measures 1/2" x 1/2". ..