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Leather Sporrans

Leather Sporrans
L & M MSL-1005 Leather Hunting Sporran This sporran is definitely a favorite of pipe bands everywhere, however that does not mean this very attractive sporran can't be worn by individuals. As a matter of fact it is well suited for day or evening wear with different levels of dress for many ..
L&M L005 Black Leather Hunting Sporran with Thistle Badge   This leather hunting sporran adds a Thistle with red accents. It features an intricate chrome cantle, detailed leatherwork, metal studs, and different shapes for strong visual interest. The front of the sporran incorporates sever..
L&M Broad Flap Hand-Painted Celtic Knot Sporran   This very striking sporran features a beautiful Celtic front and a neat, antique-looking brass closure. The Celtic center is hand painted, so each sporran has a unique character. Features of the MSL-60..
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