Maintenance Items

Maintenance Items
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Airtight Seasoning

Airtight is the "Buckleys" of the pipe bag smells awful, but it works!..


Bore Oil

Bagpipe Bore Oil - Pipers' Choice Bore Oil contains a special preservative to help prevent crack..


Chanter Brush

Cotton brush perfect for cleaning your chanter.16.5" long...


Chanter Stock Cover

This Chanter stock cover is used to protect the reed when you remove the chanter from your bagpipe a..


Deluxe Chanter Stock Cover

Deluxe Chanter Stock Cover - Just as the regular chanter stock cover, this one works in the same man..


G1 Chanter Cap

G1 chanter reed protector.White with Red top, or white with Pink top. ..

$19.00CAD $5.00CAD

Gannaway Highlander Bag Dressing

Specifically designed and manufactured to compliment Gannaway Pipe Bag leather, but suitable for use..


Gannaway Pipe Bag Primer

Gannaway Leather Primer Unlike the Gannaway Highlander Dressing, which can be used more regularl..


Little Mac Replacement Valve

Little Mac Replacement Valves - Replacement Valves are available for the Little Mac Valve. The valve..


Maintenance Kit

Maintenance kit – This kit contains everything the piper needs to maintain the instrument. Items Inc..


Moose Camlock

The Moose Camlock Blank Chanter Stock is designed to fit almost every chanter size.It fits easil..


Piper's 3rd Hand

Pipers Third Hand - This handy device fits easily over your pipe chanter to make tuning your drones ..


Tie-In Roll

The Roll of Tie-in cord has 400 yards of cord, this can tie in about 17 sets of pipes...


Tunetape - by Murray Blair

Tunetape - Pipe Chanter Tuning Tape Tunetape is an aggressive pressure sensitive tape for fine tu..


Chanter Tape

Chanter Tape – This is a non-slip chanter tape that does not peel or fray. Additionally, the quality..



MacClens is a phenol-free, non-toxic, anti-bacterial cleaner for the use in the cleaning and disinfe..


RG Hardie 3D Drone Extenders

3D PRINTED DRONE EXTENDERSUsing state-of-the-art 3D printing technology, R.G. Hardie & Co. drone..