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Bagpipe Accessories

Bagpipe Accessories
Is your blow pipe too short ? Try the easy way to lengthen it. With two segments of combing and a centre bead these plastic extenders provide the means to find the perfect length for you blowpipe. With Standard McCallum Thread these extenders will fit almost any blowpipe.  Each one adds 1"(2.54..
The BP1 model is a basic poly blowpipe with button-style mount and no combing. Size and options are:BP1/1 Not Combed Plastic Blowpipe - Wide Bore (Short) - 4 3/4" not including hemp tenon or threaded sectionBP1/2 Not Combed Plastic Blowpipe - Wide Bore (Standard) - 6 1/4" not including hemp tenon or..
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