Electronic Bagpipes

Electronic Bagpipes

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Fagerstrom Technopipes

Version 2 IN STOCKThis full-size electronic bagpipe is ideal as a complement to the ordinary pra..


Blair Bagpipe Adapter

Insert the Digital Chanter into your full size Bagpipes!Designed by master-pipemaker Bill Travaille,..


Blair Cut-off Pedal

Connect output of your Blair Digital Chanter to ‘In’ of pedal, then output of Pedal to your speaker ..


Blair Digital Chanter

New from Murray Blair is the Blair Digital Chanter!  The next generation in electronic bagpipe ..

$845.00CAD $799.00CAD

Blair Ergo Pipe Bag

The ‘Ergo’ Pipe Bag is moulded from high-performance memory foam with a profile shaped to posit..