A story is emerging to us about 16 sets of Silver and Ivory Henderson bagpipes that were bought for the 43rd Batallion CEF Cameron Highlanders of Canada (to later become the Queens Own Cameron Highlanders) by Mr. Alexander MacDonald of Winnipeg, Manitoba Canada during the First World War. 

As of right now we have located 3 sets, and have a good line on 2 others.  Thanks to C.J for a majority of the following pictures and information. !!

Pictured below is the band in 1914. 


Below is a copy of the original order placed to Peter Henderson Ltd. for the pipes and drums



A close-up of the inscription on the extra long bass ferrules -                                                               

The inscription reads as follows - 

Presented To:

the 43rd Batallion, C.E.F., Cameron Highlanders of Canada


Alexander MacDonald Esq., Winnipeg, Canada

March 31st, 1915

Below is a photo of set #13 - 

Bass ringcap of Set # 7 shows 1914 Glasgow hallmark and the number "7" stamped on the side. Each set had their number stamped on each silver piece.